My Eyes & Ears, also known as My Phone.

Like most of you, my phone has become a crucial part of my day to day life. Gone are the days of having to print out directions, use a computer to get recipes for the grocery store or have to call 411(and get the $1.99 charge for a question or phone number!). My phone can do all of this (and for free I might add..well, except for the phone bill I pay at the end of the month but you get my point)! Its my little device of convenience! What I love most about my phone, besides using it to make calls, is using it to take pictures, especially in those “I wish I had my camera moments”.  Now don’t get me wrong because I definitely don’t think that a phone camera replaces an SLR or a high quality point & shoot (though it will probably get there one day), but I do think its the easiest way to quickly capture a moment when it really is a moment! Also, the ease of uploading that image to share with family and friends is priceless. With apps like instagram, you can turn your images into artistic expressions and make it just a tad bit more interesting to share.

Here are a few of my favorite instagram moments of to of my favorite “I wish I had my camera!” subjects.

Milo watching and waiting for me. 🙂

Luci’s famous “only her owner would love” smile! 🙂

Keeping me company

Sharing a blanket..sharing a moment 🙂

We are now in that day and age of feeling guilty if we cannot capture that special moment. It makes sharing them though definitely more worth it!



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