Winter Wonderland

This past weekend has been a snowy one! With winter storm Jonas looming over the United States, not even North Carolina was spared from the snow. It made for some beautiful pictures though! Enjoy!!








Family in Fall

Tara and I are excited to announce we are starting our photography business back up, after returning from Korea, and moving to Asheville, NC! Our first shoot back was of us with our new baby, Mia Nusheen, at the Biltmore Estate. The leaves were just starting to turn and fall was upon us. We hope you enjoy the photos and please let us know if you would like us to photograph your family!

DSC_4203 copy

Mia and Dad

DSC_4169 copy

DSC_4172 copy1

DSC_4175 copy1

DSC_4170 copy

famxmascard2015 2

See you soon!

Sheila & Nick’s Friendly Engagement Session

John and I had a lot of fun doing a faux engagement session for my sister Sheila and her friend Nick. Because we are just starting out, we were looking for any excuse to build up our portfolio, and Sheila volunteered! She recruited her friend Nick, and together they were our models! You wouldn’t even know that they are just friends by looking at the pictures! We decided to keep it casual and went to a beautiful place in Winter Park called Kraft Azalea Gardens. There we were able to make magic happen, though all fun and games, and get some great shots!

Check them out below!! 🙂

Sheila's Engagement 1

Sheila's Engagement 4

Sheila's Engagement 5

Sheila's Engagement 6

Sheila's Engagement 7

Sheila's Engagement 8

Sheila's Engagement

Sheila Engagement 2 copy

The Baptist Family- Kicking off the start of our Portrait Sessions

The temperature in Orlando was nice and cool early this morning, in the high 60’s and with a breeze. Once the sun was done rising though, the temperature warmed to be between 75-85 respectively. For us Floridians, this means that Fall is finally in the air! Though we don’t get the seasonal change we wish we could have, we get to compromise with gorgeous days where its warm enough to be outside and enjoy everything Florida has to offer and as well cool enough so we don’t swelter in the heat. With all this being said, it has finally opened up the timeframe for seasonal pictures! John and I kicked off the portrait season with the wonderful Baptist Family. This family is full of fun, laughter and each with their own unique personality that you see through each of the photos!


Nice Ride

I was having lunch with my good friend Danilo Sanchez today.  He asked if I would photograph his new ride, a 2013 BMW 3-series.  “Anything for a friend,” I said.  We drove around downtown Orlando looking for some good background scenery for his photos.  He even let me drive! I hope you enjoy them Danny.

My Eyes & Ears, also known as My Phone.

Like most of you, my phone has become a crucial part of my day to day life. Gone are the days of having to print out directions, use a computer to get recipes for the grocery store or have to call 411(and get the $1.99 charge for a question or phone number!). My phone can do all of this (and for free I might add..well, except for the phone bill I pay at the end of the month but you get my point)! Its my little device of convenience! What I love most about my phone, besides using it to make calls, is using it to take pictures, especially in those “I wish I had my camera moments”.  Now don’t get me wrong because I definitely don’t think that a phone camera replaces an SLR or a high quality point & shoot (though it will probably get there one day), but I do think its the easiest way to quickly capture a moment when it really is a moment! Also, the ease of uploading that image to share with family and friends is priceless. With apps like instagram, you can turn your images into artistic expressions and make it just a tad bit more interesting to share.

Here are a few of my favorite instagram moments of to of my favorite “I wish I had my camera!” subjects.

Milo watching and waiting for me. 🙂

Luci’s famous “only her owner would love” smile! 🙂

Keeping me company

Sharing a blanket..sharing a moment 🙂

We are now in that day and age of feeling guilty if we cannot capture that special moment. It makes sharing them though definitely more worth it!